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Our firm was founded in 1995 by Architect Dale Cummins with the goal of impacting lives through the spaces where they live and work. Dale has created designs for Commercial and Residential projects in the United States and overseas. We are a family-owned and operated business based in Southern California. Our home office is located in Rancho Cucamonga with representatives located in  Lake Arrowhead, Sunnyvale, and the Antelope Valley.  


The strength of our team is formed through a heightened sense of belonging, Safety to experiment and take risks in design, and a common goal to produce the next great project. Everyone gets a chance to present their ideas.
— Douglas Cummins - CEO


From modern to rustic styles, we can accommodate any taste. We specialize in the design of functional homes with a custom flare that is beyond mere utility. We believe that everyone should have a home they love. A house should not simply be a space that delivers the basic necessities but rather an extension of the individuals who live there. Our designers strive for the highest quality and maximum efficiency in all of their design. The Cummins Architecture and Design team looks forward to serving your planning needs.

We also offer full visualization services to our clients as a way of ensuring complete satisfaction! The artists of our visualization department help you to see the finished project before construction even begins by using the Architectural drawings to create an accurate 3D depiction of your new home or addition both inside and out!

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OUR Mission

Our mission is to provide top quality design with outstanding performance in architecture for the greatest client success. To create meaningful work and an environment where our staff will grow, learn, and innovate.
— Cummins Architecture & Design

We promote self sufficiency, independence, simplicity, and the American Dream. We want to help our clients experience more in life by providing functional, beautiful, & practical designs. It is our mission to promote an authentic human experience, provide uplifting spaces for habitation, and to transcend physical reality through beauty and truth.  

We want you to be a part of our culture. It is our strong belief that the client is an indispensable member of the design team. Your input matters to the success of the project because it is your vision we are acting on. We hope that together we can take on the challenges ahead. Let's plan to succeed together. 








General Mailing Address: 11043 Stone River Drive, Alta Loma, CA 91737