The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.    

~    Benjamin Franklin 


How Much Does an Architect Cost?

A percentage-based fee is a method of compensation which links the fee for the Architect’s services to a percentage of the construction cost of the project. The percentage will vary depending on the type of building, the construction value, and the type of construction contract, and other variables.
— American Institute of Architects

A primary concern for any building project is "How much?". At Cummins Architecture we are aware of this and want you to be informed about the reality of construction costs in our Southern California market. We use a percentage based fee structure that takes into account complexity and construction value in order to come to an appropriate fee for any of our projects. According to the AIA (American Institute of Architects) :

In the current market construction runs at about $135 / SF for construction of a shell finished structure, that is, A structure that is weather tight but not completely finished on the inside. For an average quality finish it runs about $175 / SF and $225+ for High Quality finishes. 

DESIGN & ENGINEERING FEES: We base our fees on 10% - 15% of the construction budget based on complexity. There are other factors that could reduce this number and your specific project would need to be reviewed for us to provide a specific quote. 


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