Who Will Be Working On My Project?




    Architects generally have teams of people working for them whether they’re large firms or not. With the amount of work it takes to design a project they need at least a couple people to help them. With that being said, how do you know who will be working on your project?






    A consultation is usually the first step of your project. During this meeting you talk about your wants and ideas for the project and get to know the architect and possibly some of his or her team better. At this point, you can ask the architect who or what group of people will be spending the most time on your project. Also be sure to get the contact information for these people so that you can reach out to them when needed.






Why Might There Be Multiple People Working On My Project?

    Architectural projects are full of details. Building departments require various regulations to be met throughout the entirety of the project. While one person alone can work on the design, a team ensures accuracy and timely execution of the project. You can rest assured everyone working on the project will complete it as accurately as possible.

architecture team






  The more you can be informed about your project and the process at the time of the consultation, the easier and more smoothly your project will be completed. Be sure to ask your architect or any of his/her team questions if you have them. They are there to help you.