What Is True Success?

When you think of success what comes to mind? For most the answer tends to be extreme financial wealth. But what if there was a more reasonable answer? 

There has been a lot of talk here in our office about what real success is. After doing some research and several discussions we reached the consensus that success is not material but a more elusive thing. These days everyone is going, going, going, trying to “make it” and “get ahead” but what if having loads of money isn’t the best way to become successful?   

Generally speaking, the millionaire lifestyle just isn’t in the cards for us. Fast cars, summer homes, andevery other luxury you can imagine are things that escape the majority of our budgets. For the most part we are simple folk just striving for our personal variation of the American Dream. But just because we aren’t blessed with overflowing coffers doesn’t mean we can’t live a truly successful life.

If you aren’t convinced that wealth isn't the key to success, and by proxy happiness, consider these situations: 

Scenario one:

A man is living a happy life in a small 300 sf apartment. There is a knock on the door and he goes to answer it. On the doorstep is a briefcase filled with more money than he could spend in a lifetime. He takes the money, buys an Italian villa with all of the upgrades, and continues to live a happy life. 

Scenario two: 

An unhappy man robs a bank and gets away with more money than he could spend in a lifetime. He buys an Italian villa with all of the upgrades, but it isn’t enough. He is still unhappy. The man then begins to plan his next heist. 

The first man had a pre-existing sense of happiness despite his situation, the second discovers that wealth is not the solution he needs. These examples are meant to demonstrate that two people in the same situation will have different reactions based on what we call internal wealth.  

At Cummins Architecture we think success means you have large amounts of internal wealth and have reached a point in your life that you are proud of. You are moving in a direction you are happy to continue in and are ready to accept the adventures that the trail before you has to offer. When you are happy with what you have and are grateful for the people around you, that is true success. These things cost no money at all are attainable by anyone despite their financial situation.

The old Cliché apply here: Money can’t buy you happiness. Success is much more than simply being “well off”, it is a happy home, filled with love and peace. Our ideal home is a cabin in the forest, where will your’s be?