Ways To Keep Your Cabin Warm During Colder Months

    For some places the cooler months of the year can be brutal. Not only keeping yourself warm, but keeping your cabin warm is essential. Besides just having a roaring fire and the heater on, there are other ways to keep your cabin cozy. Below are some tips and tricks we found to help you keep your cabin warm!


Keeping Your Cabin Warm

    Something that’s more common nowadays is to have a programmable thermostat. You can program your thermostat to come on when your cabin reaches a certain temperature. This is great for keeping your bill on the lower side.


   During the day it is a good idea to open your curtains and shades to let in as much natural light as possible. Even while it might be cold outside, the sun is still warm. Therefore, sun streaming through your windows will act as a natural and free heater. At night, you should close your curtains and shades to keep the warm air in your cabin. Thick, heavy, or insulated curtains are what you should get. These will be best in retaining the heat in the room. There are even sheets or curtains that you can put on the outside of doors and windows.


    This may seem like a no brainer, but make sure your cabin is well insulated. Good insulation is absolutely key to having a warm and cozy cabin. Spaces like attics and basements may have air leaks and could be what is keeping your cabin from retaining heat. Search and seal any air gaps around your cabin. Some of the most common areas these air gaps can be found are on windows and doors. Use weather stripping to seal any gaps you find.


    Heat rises. And while you might think it wouldn’t work to turn on your ceiling fan, it may actually help in spreading the heat around. Most ceiling fans have a setting for cooler months which makes the fan turn clockwise helping distribute the heat. If you want to try this method, we suggest turning your fan on low speed to see if it helps.


   Make sure your furniture is not covering any air vents. If your furniture is slightly blocking the air flow from the vents it can make a big difference in the way your home stays warm. Pull furniture forward or rearrange your furniture altogether to allow the warm air to circulate throughout your cabin.


   Heat escaping in the cold seasons can be a real problem for those who live in chilly areas. It is very important to make sure you aren’t losing heat anywhere in your home. We hope these ideas help you in keeping your cabin cozy!



Are there any tips you know of that we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments!