Tiffany, The Tiny House

   Ever wondered what it’s like to live in a tiny house? In this blog post, we’re talking about couple Sam and Tim and what life is like in their tiny house they call Tiffany.


  Tiffany is a 270 sq. foot mobile, tiny house. She rests on a Tumble Weed, American made 24 foot trailer and weighs in at 15,000 lbs. Tiffany is NOAH certified so she is both safe and energy efficient. And she has the classic craftsman bungalow style.

   Emailing back and forth with this couple talking about their tiny house was an awesome learning experience. We love their reasons for choosing tiny living and all the experiences it has allowed them to have. So, why did they choose tiny house living and how do they like it?


   Tim and Sam decided they wanted a simpler life. They don’t put a lot of value into physical things and didn’t want to get caught in an expensive 30 year loan for a home. They both wanted the freedom and ability to be able to travel and experience things in life. With Tiffany, they are able to do just that. As they told us in emailing, they wanted to pursue their dreams, so they went for it and haven’t turned back!


   Cost is a big thing when it comes to living in general. With Tiffany, Tim and Sam can travel, enjoy life, and still pay rent. The thing about this tiny house is that it is more of a short-term goal for the couple. Whereas buying a traditional home isn’t. Living in such a small space doesn’t allow for you to have much. Tiffany has really helped Tim and Sam determine what is necessary and what is luxury. As they told us in email, “There's nothing wrong with having luxury, but it's not the focus of our lives. It's much more simple to worry about having the basics covered and enjoying the rest.” We couldn’t agree more.


      As you can imagine, living in a tiny space doesn’t allow for a lot of personal space. Being in this tiny home has removed a lot of barriers for the couple. They communicate better and get to be their genuine selves. There are less things to get distracted by and there is much less to clean. The couple says they also feel less stressed due to their easy access of nature and being outside a lot.



     There are definitely some home conveniences the couple misses. They don’t have a dishwasher so they have to wash all of their dishes by hand. This hasn’t been as bad as they thought and helps in keeping them accountable to keep their space clean and comfortable. With very little seating space they can’t really have a “chill spot” inside the house because they won’t all fit. Instead the “chill spot” was moved outside which isn’t too bad except for when it’s bug season.



   Tiny house living isn’t for everyone but it definitely is an awesome and humbling way of living. It’s so great to see a young couple pursing their dreams and pursing the American dream. And besides, you get to have breakfast at Tiffany’s every day! 😉  Who wouldn’t want that!




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