Storage for Small/Tiny Houses

   Storage is essential when it comes to homes. You need multiple spaces to put all of your belongings, kitchen supplies, and any other appliances. When it comes to tiny or small homes, having a lot of storage isn’t always an option. Thankfully, there are some storage hacks to give you a little extra space.


    Floor storage is a great way to utilize every inch of space. If you have floor space you don’t want to add insulation to, consider making it a place to store things. Floor storage nooks can also be built into the floor and can be hidden under beds, couches, and trap doors.

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     Stairs leave a lot of open space below them. If you’re not using that space then it’s just being wasted! There are so many different ways to utilize the space under your stairs. Roll out drawers work great for stairs and allow you to put a lot of them. Cupboards also work well with stairs. You can have them slide out or use doors to cover them. Shelfs are yet another way to use your under stair space. They offer storage space and give the room a unique look.

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     Lofts are an excellent place for storage because they are overhead. Not all storage loft spaces need to be big. Some are just unused ceiling space. If you can, add storage nooks around the loft to keep things organized.

Photo by Lora Higgins & Tongue & Groove Tiny Homes


        Floor to ceiling shelves are great for storage and don’t take up a lot of room. This is ideal storage design for the kitchen and pantry. You have enough room to store all your kitchen appliances and food. However, it also works great for the rest of the home for books, and anything else.

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     With small or tiny houses, you need to get creative with storage space. There are many unique ways to store all of your belongings. We hope these storage hacks have helped!










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