Should I Buy Building Materials Before Talking To An Architect Or Contractor?




   Building materials are very important in an architectural project, as you can imagine. Usually the client is involved in picking out the building materials. However, some people want to buy materials they like before they’ve even talked to an architect or contractor. Should you do this?




Purchasing Before Consulting

      Generally, it’s a good idea to wait to purchase building materials until you have spoken with an architect or contractor. The reason being, the materials you’ve purchased may have not be what you need. Materials often affect the design of the building and during the design phase that can save a lot on material cost. Consult an architect or contractor to find out if the materials you want will work with your project. If they don’t work, the architect or contractor should be able to give you other options that will still incorporate the style and design you’re looking for. Another thing to keep in mind is if you purchase the building materials the product warranties falls on you, not your contractor or architect.

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Purchasing Accessories

      It is usually fine to purchase accessory materials. These materials are things like tile for a backsplash, hardware, faucets, etc. Since these materials don’t affect the structure or foundation of your home you’re more than likely okay to buy these without worrying about them not fitting with your home. However, it’s good to consult with your contractor because there are many facets to fitting accessories materials to their appropriate spaces. If you feel unsure don’t hesitate to ask your architect or contractor. They’ll be more than happy to help you.

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   Building materials are what hold your home together. It’s very important that the right materials are used in the construction of your project. If you have specific building materials you would like to use, put together an idea board to show your architect the aesthetic you’re going for.