Scandinavian Cabins

     Scandinavian cabins have a uniqueness all their own. Their design places a lot of emphasis on nature, light, functionality, and minimalism, creating a structure that changes the way cabins used to be.


   As mentioned before, Scandinavian cabins are all about being functional. They very closely adhere to the form-follows-function rule. Their design style is focused on minimalism and modernism while still being traditional and rustic.

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    The floor plan of these cabins is designed to be open and airy, flowing from one room to the next. Neutral colors and light woods help in achieving this airy feel. It is common to find floor to ceiling white wood in Scandinavian design. If white wood is not used, lighter color woods are used for the flooring or sometimes a stone gray tile. With wanting the home to feel open, floor to ceiling, large, windows are commonly found on Scandinavian cabins. This makes the space feel bigger and therefore more open.

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    Nature is an important part of Scandinavian design. The goal is to bring the outdoors in and blur the lines of what’s outside and what’s inside. House plants of varying sizes and types is a great and easy way to bring nature into the home. Natural materials are often used to build these cabins and work well for décor. Balconies to the outdoors make the home feel synonymous with the outdoors.

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   Scandinavian cabins are a great example of simplicity and love of nature, focusing on the experiences of living in the forest and all of nature’s wonders. They’re also beautiful, unique structures. What are your thoughts on these cabins?