How Long Does It Take For A Project To Be Built?

Unlike popular home improvement shows, architectural projects aren’t built in a matter of days or hours. They take a bit longer than that. Roughly how long does a project take?

How Long Does A Project Take?


   Every project ranges in how long it will take to complete. This is all due to the complexity and size of the project. For example, we’ll walk you through the process of around how long a 1,000 square foot addition on a home takes:


  For a typical 1,000 sqft. addition, an architect can have the design figured out in about 2-3 weeks.  This will happen after they have had several meetings with you to make sure they get the criteria of your property and elevations right, as well as the design looking the way you want it to. Once those plans have been approved by your local city building department, your architect can put the design into what is called the working drawing phase which typically takes about 4-6 weeks. During this time, an architect will ensure structural engineering requirements, energy calculations and all building code requirements have been met and the plans are ready to submit to the building department. Construction on an addition like this, depending upon whether it’s a single story or two-story home, can take anywhere from 4-6 months which is pretty much industry standard. So in total, with erring on the longer side of things, it’s about 8 months for the project to be completed. This is without any complications and everything running smoothly.

It is important to note that while projects are given a specific timeline, it is very possible that the project may take longer or shorter to complete. This is pretty common. The timelines given are estimates based off the architect’s experience with the various types of projects. But as said before, if everything goes as planned or there are unexpected delays, the project’s timeline will adjust based on those factors.


   The best way to help a project run smoothly and speed things up a little bit is to efficiently communicate with your architect. If you want to make a design change be sure to tell them right away. Be aware that a design change could cause a scope change especially once the design is complete. Make sure to be available to talk with your architect when needed.

Home improvement shows don’t show you how long a project will really take. Which results in people thinking their project will be done in a few days. Architectural projects take time, especially ones that are built with quality. Being aware of this can help you be prepared incase delays happen and help you better determine when would be a good time to start your project. Call us today for a free consultation to get your project started!