Pioneer Coffee

So, we wanted to figure out a great off the grid method of home brewed coffee in our Lewis and Clark Coffee Pot. This method uses a nice open flame but any sufficient heat source will work fine. Coffee may be one of the most consumed morning drinks in America. There is truly an art to brewing that perfect cup. Unfortunately, so many feel they have to settle for just a plain quickly brewed cup that lacks that kick you're hoping for. With this brewing method, we hope you will enjoy a fantastic rustic pot that fills your home with an aroma of energy!


What You’ll Need:

-Your favorite freshly ground coffee beans


-A mug

-Tea strainer or handkerchief

-Vintage style coffee pot


Put it to practice

  Place the coffee grounds in the bottom of the pot (use 1 heaping spoonful per cup/mug). Using your favorite mug, fill the pot with as many cups as you would like to make. The amount of water will also depend on how potent you like your coffee. More water for a lighter brew, less for a more potent pot. Place the pot over the flame on your gas stove or over a campfire and let the water boil. An electric stove will work fine too. Let the pot boil for about 3-5 minutes then remove and allow to cool a little. Gently swing the pot by the handle to help concentrate the grounds at the bottom of the pot. Slowly pour the coffee back into your favorite mug, carefully minding the grounds at the bottom. (No one likes a mouth full of coffee grounds!) You can use a tea strainer or handkerchief if you want to be sure that the loose coffee grounds are removed, but this is generally unnecessary.


And there you have it! We hope you enjoy this delicious coffee!