Modern Cabins

   For most of us, when we hear the word “cabin” we think of a rustic, wood built structure in a rural part of the mountains. As of recently these “wood built structures” have undergone a dramatic architectural designed change.


     Modern cabins have started to become a popular alternative to traditional cabins. They’re big, bold, and architecturally abstract. Even with the contemporary look and feel of these cabins, they still keep the rustic, cabin lifestyle of enjoying the great outdoors.


    The materials used for modern cabins aren’t just wood. Some cabins are made of metal, steel, concrete, and more. For those who want to use materials that are considerate of the earth you can use materials like stone and reclaimed wood.

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     Large windows around the entire structure are commonly found on modern cabins. The goal of these windows is to let a lot of natural light stream in and to blend the indoors with the outdoors. By blending the lines of what’s inside and what’s outside you can create a unique space.

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    The interiors of modern cabins are all about simplicity and clean lines. The style of the furniture matches the simple and modern style of the house. Neutral color palettes are used throughout the home giving a sleek, put together look.

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     Modern cabins are just as great of homes as traditional cabins are. They offer a little more sophistication to those who love the mountains but don’t prefer a rustic home. Each modern cabin is unique in its own design. What do you think of these modernized cabins?