How to design the perfect entry

    Entryways are one of the first things people notice about our homes. Mainly because they are the first part of the house our guests step into. Like everything else, we want to make a good first impression. It can be difficult knowing where to begin because there are many ways you can style your entryway. So, how should you begin?


    You should first assess the size of your entryway. You may have ideas for setting up tables or benches but if your space is too narrow you may not be able to set it up exactly the way you envisioned. Also take into consideration the way your front door opens. It may take up some space or bump into furniture.


    Paint is always a great way to make anything look fresh and clean. Consider repainting your entryway. You can go for a bold, bright color or stay along the lines of a more neutral color. Whatever you decide, make sure it gives a welcoming feel to the space. You want your guests to feel a sense of invitation and happiness.


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   Now, sprucing up the entryway doesn’t just have to be about the walls. Do something unique with your floors! Floor runners come in a variety of colors, patterns, and lengths. They are great for adding something extra to your entryway that you can change up periodically. If you have tiled floors you can add bold tile patterns for a unique touch. Hardwood floors can look new and add emphasis to the entryway by refinishing them and keeping up with maintenance.

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     We all know how good lighting can make things look ten times better. Update your light fixtures and overhead lighting. The great thing about overhead lighting is the many styles of light fixtures you can choose from. There’s lanterns, bowl pendants, chandeliers, and many more. Recessed lighting is another great way to go. Look for something that will give off a soft glow that warms the walls and space.


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     Put some thought into what kind of décor you might want to put on the walls. Vintage home décor can be fun and unique. You could do a gallery of family photos or some of your favorite paintings. If you’re always in a hurry to leave the house keep things organized with a key shelf and a mirror to check how you look one last time. Stringed lights or “twinkle” lights add a bit of romance and dress up the walls nicely. Wallpaper is always a way to go if you don’t want to put holes in the walls from hanging things. There are many patterns both bold and muted to choose from. Shelves can hold many knick-nacks and souvenirs.

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      If space permits, benches and stools offer a place to sit while putting shoes on. Console tables are good for smaller entryways but also work well with wider entryways and offer a space for vases of flowers or other décor. Wicker baskets or farm buckets and old fashioned milk cans are great for storing shoes, umbrellas, and blankets. Plus, they’re really cute and add a rustic touch to the space. Don’t forget about house plants! Put some taller standing plants by the door or along the wall. Plants will give your home an earthy, happy feel.

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     Entryways are completely customizable which allows you to create a unique feel and space. Get creative and have fun! How will you spruce up your entryway?