How To Identify Different Cabin Styles

Over the years, cabin designs have changed. Now, there are tons of different styles! In this blog post we’re going to go over five cabin designs and how teach you how to identify them.


Cabin Designs



-Log Cabin

    When a lot of people think of cabins, traditional log cabins is usually what comes to mind. Log cabins were the first style of home for settlers. There are several distinct characteristics that can help you identify a traditional log cabin:


·Very simple structure

·Logs laid horizontally

·Typically small house

·Usually one room

·Less architecturally sophisticated

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    Aframe cabins are named so because they’re structured in the shape of a letter We love the unique shape and design of aframes. The characteristics that define an aframe are:


·Triangular shape

·High interior ceilings

·Large windows

·Open floor plans

·Typically has a loft space

·Deep eaves

·Gables in the front and back

·Wood siding

aframe cabin, aframe, architecture, home design

-Contemporary Cabin

    Modern cabins have become more and more popular over the years. They focus on blending traditional with current styles. The characteristics that define a contemporary cabin are

·Unique shape

·Open floor plan

·Large windows and doors

·Use of local materials

·Neutral colors

·Minimalist interiors

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-Scandinavian Cabin

     Scandinavian cabins in some ways can resemble modern cabins. They tend to be a little more modernistic in their design. Some common characteristics of a Scandinavian cabin are:


·Neutral colors

·Large floor to ceiling windows

·Design focused on minimalism and modernism

·Open, airy floor plans

·White or light wood colors

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-Geodesic Dome Cabin    

These cabins are truly unique. The way they are structured make them a great choice for places like the mountain. They are built in such a way that they can withstand a lot of natural disasters better than regular structures. Characteristics of a geodesic dome cabin are:


·Made of multiple triangles

·Withstand mountain weather

·Unique spherical shape

·Supports itself without interior columns or load-bearing wall

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There are so many cabin designs out there! And they are all unique in their own way. Let us design the perfect one for you!


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