How to Dress up a Family Room

     In most homes you will find a family room. These rooms are used daily and sometimes multiple times a day. Due to their constant use, they need to be comfortable and well structured to fit your everyday life.  


    The first thing you should do when dressing up your family room is to figure out the style you like. This may seem like an obvious idea or you may think you already have your style pin-pointed but nonetheless spend time figuring out exactly what you want. This will help you move along quicker with your home improvement and save you a from a few headaches.



    After figuring out your style, picking a nice color palette is a great way to go to dress up your family room. Your color palette should reflect your style. If you want a calming and peaceful feel to your family room light colors are the way to go. Bright colors are perfect for creating an energized and fun feel to the room.

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    Comfy couches and chairs are a must for a family room. Having a few different types of seating is good so that everyone can be comfortable. If you use your family room often be sure to find strong, sturdy, and long lasting furniture. Also, having chairs and stools that can be easily moved allow family to be apart of different conversations going on around the room.

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    Lighting for a family room should be bright but not overpowering. Tall floor lamps work well if you have limited space and are perfect next to a chair for avid readers. Your lighting should give off a warm and welcoming feel.

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    A lot of our lives nowadays are revolved around technology. A family room should be more than just a place to watch TV. The family room is one of the most important rooms in a home. It’s the main space in a home that brings everyone together. Try to shift the focus from technology to the people in the room and the conversations they are having. Have book shelfs full of board games and cards. If you have a fireplace in your family room center the room around it to spark conversation and storytelling.

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     With the daily use of family rooms it is important that they are comfortable and functional. They are great rooms that bring family and close friends together into fun and exciting conversation. How will you dress up your family room?