How To Connect Your Cabin To Surrounding Nature

    Nature is an amazing source of inspiration for cabin design. Especially when you live in an area with great mountain views, forests, and total immersion into nature. Nature also helps us feel relaxed, which is a great thing to incorporate into any home design. What are some ways to connect your cabin to nature?



    One of the biggest ways to make your cabin feel like it’s really connecting to nature is through big, floor to ceiling windows. These types of windows allow for a lot of natural light to stream in, showcase the views, and blend the lines of what’s outside and what’s inside. If floor to ceiling windows aren’t your style, you can have several large windows to really show off the outdoors.

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    Natural, reclaimed or organic materials work perfectly to give your cabin that raw, outdoorsy feel. Reclaimed or natural wood can be used for tables, wall and ceiling paneling, flooring, cabinets, and much more. Not only is it an eco-friendly choice, but it adds character and texture to the interior of your cabin. Natural wood can also be used on the exterior of your cabin for siding, the porch, or overhead coverage. Something we love about reclaimed or organic wood is the natural patterns in the grain of the wood. It really makes the cabin feel connected to nature.

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    Color is another way to incorporate the feel of nature into your cabin. The earth is full of rich, warm colors. Your cabin colors should revolve around earthy shades and tones. The exterior of your cabin should also adhere to earthy shades.  

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    Décor is another great way to connect your cabin to nature. Natural elements like, wildflowers, tree stumps, plants, live edge wood furniture, running water, and natural textures each bring a unique detail to the interior of the cabin. Tree stumps can be used as side tables or stools. Strong tree branches can be used as the railing for curtains. If you’re able to, building a cabin over a running stream and showcasing it through glass flooring definitely merges the outside with the inside. Or, a little water fountain can add that bubbling stream effect. Texture is not only good for making the home look outdoorsy but, it makes it feel like it. Texture can be brought in with rugs, furniture, or even put on the walls.

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   Nature is the perfect source for design inspiration. Connecting your cabin to nature by incorporating it into your home will give your cabin a calming, relaxed feel. We hope these ideas help you connect to nature!


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