How to choose Hardwood Floors

    The floors of our homes are constantly being used. As we know, they are an essential part of the house. The type of flooring we have in our homes reflect our style, aesthetics of the home, and the feel it brings to the space. With so many options, how and where do you begin?


    The first thing you should figure out is what type of subfloor you have. Subflooring is the foundation for the floor in a building. The most common types of subflooring are particleboard, plywood, and concrete slab. This underlying flooring will have a factor in what kind of hardwood flooring you can use.  

Photo by     Heritage Wide Plank Flooring    

Photo by Heritage Wide Plank Flooring



     The next thing to figure out is whether you would like to use engineered or solid wood. Engineered wood is a man-made, manufactured wood while solid wood is just that, made from solid wood. As said before, the subflooring of your home will ultimately determine which kind you can use. If you have concrete subflooring, engineered flooring is mostly what you’re going to have to stick to. Plywood is great for either option. It offers the most versatility. Since particleboard was used mainly for carpets, if you want to add hardwood to your home you’ll need to replace the particleboard with plywood.


Photos by Signature Innovations,, I Vassalletti

   Board width, style, colors, and texture is what you should look at next. Here is where the fun starts! There are so many styles, colors, and textures to choose from. The wood boards for flooring come in various sizes and shapes. This is great because you have a lot of options for your home.


   Something to take into consideration is the wear and tear your hardwood floors are going to receive. If you expect your floors to get beat up over time by kids, pets, etc., then you should go with the harder wood options such as, red oak, hickory, and maple. Depending on the wood you install you can always sand out scratches and refinish the wood.



    The floors of our homes add so much to a space. They hold so much character. They can brighten up a room, change the mood, or create a statement. How will your wood floors add character to your home?



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