How To Be Helpful During Your Architectural Project



    Whether you realize it or not, you the client have a lot of responsibility in your architectural project. Your project isn’t just for your architect to take care of alone. They need your input and help to get the project started and keep moving. How can you be helpful during your project?





     Like most things, communication is key. Especially during your first consultation, your architect wants you to be communicating with them your ideas and needs. Don’t be afraid to communicate how you feel on a design look, style, or anything else. This will help your architect get an even better understanding of what you want and it will help your project move along quickly.






Be On top Of Your Responsibilities

     As the client, know your responsibilities and discuss them with your architect to efficiently take care of them. It is good to be on top of these tasks and to complete them on time. This will not only help your project run smoothly, but it will help your architect in a huge way. By completing everything when it needs to be done will keep your architect from having to call you frequently and delay your project. Your responsibilities as the client includes things like scheduling land surveys, paying fees for permits, obtaining a soils report, etc.

client responsibilities




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 A Better Understanding Of Timelines

     Having a better understanding of how architectural timelines work can help you prepare better for any unexpected delays that may arise. Being involved in the project could also make the process more enjoyable for you and make it easier for  your architect to assess the situation and come up with the best possible solution.

architecture project





Be Available To Talk

   Do your best to be available to talk with your architect throughout the process of your project. If you can’t always answer the phone when they call, do your best to get back to them as soon as you’re able to. You can even send them a quick text or email to let them know you will get in touch soon. This will be a great help to your architect and they will definitely appreciate it.

Phone call





   Following these steps can help your architect greatly. It allows them to focus all of their attention on your project and its details. Be sure to ask your architect if there are other ways that you can help out to get your project moving.