How Do Architects Ensure Buildings Comply With Health & Safety Legislation?




   We’ve talked about how architects need to follow local building codes to ensure the safety and health of the occupants is met. In this blog post, we want to show how architects go about ensuring a project is compliant with the health and safety legislation's.




Why Are These Legislation's Implemented?

     These legislation's, also called building codes, are critical to not only the safety of a project, but the structural integrity. There are three types of building codes, international building code (IBC), international residential code (IRC), and international existing building code (IEBC). Each set of codes covers specific architectural projects. All projects must comply with these codes in order to be built. Failure to do so, can result in your project not being built or being partially demolished/torn down to inspect the structural framing. These regulations will give you peace of mind that your project has been built with the utmost safety in mind.






How Do Architects Ensure These Legislation's?

    There are a few steps architects go through to ensure health and safety legislation's are met. It is important to work with a licensed architect. They have completed a long process to obtain and maintain their license.  


The steps are as follows:


-Architect studies local building codes

    Each city is a little bit different or lenient with building codes. Architects need to evaluate the city’s preferences to create drawings or plans that comply on all levels.  


-Plan Checks/Reviews

    Once an architect has created plans, they need to submit them to a code official for the drawings to be reviewed. The code official will check to see if the plans are compliant. If they are not, the architect will need to make changes to them and resubmit the drawings for another review. This will keep happening until the plans are completely compliant which may cause a bit of a prolonged process. A project might experience being approved on the first submission, but this is rare. Typically, they are resubmitted a few times. The architect and code official work together through each phase of the plans to ensure the structure is safe and compliant.


-Approval from other departments

    During the review process review by the fire, public works, and planning departments may be required. Again, if there needs to be any changes, the architect or draftsman will be made aware to make the necessary changes.

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    Architects go through an extensive process to ensure your project is compliant with constantly changing health and safety legislation's. This is one of their main priorities when creating plans. Hiring a licensed architect will ensure the safety of your building even more.