Fun Indoor & Outdoor Winter Activities To Do

Winter is just around the corner! The seasons weather has been changing from cool to chilly and for some, snow has started to fall! Winter is a beautiful season, especially if you live in an area that gets covered with snow. While temperatures continue to drop that shouldn’t keep you from having a great time enjoying all this season has to offer! We pulled together a list of some fun things to do this Winter season.

Indoor Activities

  It’s good to have a mix of indoor and outdoor activities. Some days you’ll just want to observe the Winter wonderland from the coziness of your cabin. So let’s get started with our list!


-Hot Coco Recipe

    Hot coco is a classic Winter time drink. It’s the perfect thing to have after a long day. Try making hot coco from scratch! This can be a super fun activity for you and your family to enjoy. A quick Google search will bring up tons of recipes for you to choose from. Pick the one you like best and have fun making some yummy hot coco!


   We all know that marshmallows go great with hot chocolate, you can try making some of your own of those as well!

-Make Winter Arrangement

    Making a Winter arrangement is a great thing to do if you’re stuck inside. You can either make the arrangement with real greenery or artificial. Have fun with different styles and accent pieces. This is a great activity for the whole family to enjoy!

Click here for some inspiration!

-Set Up Bird Feeder

      While this one will make you step outside for a few minutes, setting up a bird feeder and watching the curious little birds from inside your warm cabin can be a relaxing Winter activity. Set up your bird feeder in an area that you can easily see and refill it. If you don’t have bird feed use some kitchen scraps such as fruit scraps or cores, suet, stale bread (soak it in water first to make it edible for the birds), raw grated carrot, etc. The more natural the food is the better. For example, steer clear of putting out leftover coco puffs and foods that are similar out.

-Try New Stew Or Soup Recipe

      If you’re completely stuck inside, hang out in the kitchen and fill your cabin with the smell of a delicious new recipe! A quick Google search can bring up thousands of tasty recipes to try. Look for something hearty and filling that will keep you content.

Below are some recipes we found to get you started:

-Apple Cider

     Staying in the kitchen, try out an apple cider recipe from scratch. This is a great Winter time drink. Make some to sip while you watch movies with your family or friends!

Below is a recipe we found to get you started:

Outdoor Activities

  If it’s bearable, getting out of your cabin and enjoying the Winter season can be a lot of fun! There are tons of outdoor activities to do. Let’s get started!




    Find a big hill and slide down it! Sledding a classic Winter pastime. Whether it’s a hill in your backyard or a designated sledding place, this is a great activity for the whole family! Have some fun gliding down hills then cuddle up at home with some hot coco.




-Make Snowmen

     This is another fun classic Winter activity. Get creative with your snowman creations and have a contest with your friends and family to see who is the most creative or who can build the biggest snowman. Your imagination is limitless!




-Check Out Local Community’s Winter Events

      Throughout the year most local community’s have events for the different seasons of the year. This can be a great source for a bunch of fun things to do. Go to your city’s website and check out all the fun events to attend or the Winter activities they provide!


For anyone who lives in Lake Arrowhead CA, click here

-Collect Pine Cones

    Collect pine cones and use them to decorate your house! While they’re beautiful just on their own in a bowl or nice vase, there are tons of other ways to incorporate them into your home’s décor.  

Other décor ideas:

  -Make a pinecone door hanger by gluing various lengths of ribbons to the pinecones

  -Fill plastic ball ornaments with tiny pinecones to make unique ornaments for your tree

  -Make a wreath with pinecones by gluing or tying them together

  -Use the tops of pinecones as candle holders. Flatten out the top of the pinecone by cutting it down a little and glue the candle base to the flat part

  -Paint or dip half of the pinecone in fun, Winter time colors to have a twist on the natural pinecone look



    And if you don’t want to use pinecones for décor, they also work as fire starters!



-Sleigh Ride

    Check to see if your town or an area nearby offers sleigh rides. This is a great activity for the whole family to do! Pack some hot coco, bring blankets, and get bundled up to enjoy dashing through the snow!

We hope this list has given you some great ideas to enjoy the Winter season! Tell us your favorite Winter activity in the comments below!