Do I Have To Take Plans, Permits, Etc. To The City?

There are lots of documents and information that needs to be taken to the building department during an architectural project. As the client, you might be wondering, are you responsible for completing any of those tasks?

Do I Need To Take Things To The City?

    Your architect can do this for you if you’d like them to. Most firms offer this service to their clients. This part of the project is called the entitlement process. And there’s two phases for this. The first phase would typically be with the planning department. They will review the design that your architect has developed for you to make sure it abides by industry standards. Once they review the plans, they typically have comments for changes that your architect and their team will need to make, to ensure they are in agreement with local building codes. As soon as the planning department approves the plans, they are resubmitted to the building department to obtain a building permit. If you would prefer not to do all the running around, your architect can take care of these tasks for you. However, it should be noted there may be an extra fee for this service. If you choose to take care of the submittals, your architect can help direct you in what you need to do.

   There are some other things that you will most likely be in charge of. These include, scheduling a soils report, scheduling architectural surveys, handling fees, and any changes you wish to make to the design. Communicate with your architect if there is something you don’t understand.



  Every architecture firm is different and provides different services. Be sure to ask your architect what additional services they offer and what they expect of you in regards to completing tasks.