Decorating Cabin Interiors

    What comes to my mind when I think of cabins is spending time inside all cozy and enjoying the view of nature. Especially as we approach the cooler months ahead. While a cabins interior looks rough and rustic, they are also cozy and welcoming. They blend rustic and comfort to create a space you’ll never want to leave. We pulled together some ideas for creating that perfect cabin feel in your home or cabin.


   Paint can change the whole look of your cabin and is an inexpensive way to update your interiors. Colors can also affect your mood.  For cabins, the colors are usually shades of greens and browns. The color green has a calming effect. Out of all the colors, green is the one that is the most restful on your eyes. It’s a great color to use to inspire you to unwind and get comfy. The color brown has a warming effect. Brown is associated with nature and earthiness that can make a space feel reliable and supportive.

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    Rustic, reclaimed wood is all throughout a cabins interior. Whether it be the flooring or paneling for the walls, a cabin is not complete without that rustic wood feel. The natural grooves and textures of the reclaimed wood resembles the trees of the forest and in a sense, brings nature into the home. Look for dark woods to get that cozy, deep feel.

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    Like I mentioned before, wood is all throughout cabins. So, look for furniture that is made of wood. Rustic, reclaimed wood or clean and shined wood both work great. Comfy chairs and couches are a must to have a cozy cabin. Especially for snowed in days!           

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     Take inspiration from the mountains and forest for your cabin décor. Forest and mountain landscape paintings can be beautiful statement pieces in a room. Long, thin twigs found in the forest can be put into a vase with wildflowers and used as lovely decoration in any room. The twigs can also be placed in the vase by themselves. Pinecones, acorns, feathers, and other forest finds can be put into jars or decorative bowls for décor.

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    If you have a fireplace in your cabin, use baskets or log racks to hold the wood for your fires. It’s better to put your firewood in a basket or rack instead of laying them on the ground because the wood could roll around and scratch the floor. Baskets are also good for storing blankets in. Since cabins are usually in mountain areas, look for woven/wool blankets to keep you warm during the chilly months. 

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    Metal/iron light fixtures fit perfectly with the rustic cabin style. Lanterns are personally one of my favorite light fixtures for cabins. I think they fit very well with the style of cabins and they can be fun antique finds. Wooden lamps are great for cabins as well.

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    We love the coziness of cabin interiors. They’re perfect for getaway homes and everyday life. Their interiors bring in the earthiness of the mountains and forest. What could be better than feeling cozy all the time?