Deck The Halls (& Decks Too!)

    Christmas is almost here! This means decorating, baking, and shopping is in full swing. With all that goes on in this month, decorating can get lost in the to-do list or maybe you don’t know where to start or what to do. We looked up some of the best ideas for making your cabin Christmas ready!


    To get started with the interior decorating, switch out all your blankets, pillows, rugs, table runners or table cloths, etc. to something festive or something with Christmas colors. Plaid is a great pattern to incorporate because it keeps that rustic, cabin feel while also adding a Christmassy feel. Plaid linens can be used in replacement of a traditional table cloth. Don’t forget baskets or ladders for storing your blankets!

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    Christmas wreaths aren’t just for front doors. They can be used above fireplaces, on walls, or on interior doors. To get a natural, rustic feel, use wreaths that have natural embellishments like pinecones, berries, fruits, acorns, etc. These types of wreaths are beautiful and can work well for statement pieces. Continuing with the natural feel, garland is a great way to add that extra foresty look and give a classic Christmas feel. Garland can be draped over windows, doorways, fireplaces, and wound around stair railings. Wrap some white Christmas lights around the garland to give it some extra sparkle.

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   Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a tree of course! Look for ornaments that fit with a cabins rustic style. Mittens, sleds, woodland animals, vintage village houses are all great and unique ornaments to add to your tree along with traditional ornaments. Consider using some natural elements as well such as, pinecones, red winter berries, acorns, and fruits. All of these put together create a beautiful forest looking tree. Don’t forget to add the presents below!

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   If you want to add more Christmas décor, festive burlap flags, sweater looking stockings, candles, Advent calendars, and foresty items are great options to add to your Christmas décor. Another fun thing to add to your décor is a hot coco station. These stations are super cute and fun. They are also perfect for when you have family or friends come over. Deck it out with festive colors, signs, mugs, and trays. Don’t forget the marshmallows, candy canes, and other items to add into your hot coco!

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   Now let’s move on to decorating the exterior of your cabin! Outline your cabin with Christmas lights. I personally love the look of classic white/golden Christmas lights but any color works. Greenery ties in the forest surrounding the cabin. Use garland to line the door, and drape on deck railing and stairs. Small pine trees lining the walkway or by the front door is another option to tie the forest into your décor. Wrap Christmas lights around the garland or small pine trees to add extra sparkle.

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    Lanterns with candles give off a soft glow and add a delicate, warming feel to the front porch. Put some in varying heights clustered together or line the walkway with them. Firewood stacked in a pile gives the porch a cozy feeling almost like it’s preparing you for a roaring fire inside the cabin. Change your porches chair pillows and welcome mat to something festive and Christmassy. Festive signs are always a super cute idea to add to your décor. Look for something that matches with the rustic style of your cabin. Antique sleds and skates bring a classic look and feel to the porch. Consider adding them to your décor.

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  Christmas decorating should be a time of fun and excitement not stress and frustration. We hope these Christmas cabin décor ideas will help you with getting your cabin Christmas ready!



Which idea was your favorite? Tell us in the comments!