What Happens After You Have The Program Down For A Project?

Every architectural project goes through a few phases that mark where the project is at. Each will vary in length according to your project. What happens after your architect has the program, or research and specifics about the project, figured out?

What Happens After The Program Is Figured Out

  First, what is an architectural program? Architectural programming is research an architect has done to come up with the scope of work that they will be designing for your project. It will also help them give you a cost estimate. So let’s get back to the question, what happens after this?


  Once your architect has the program specifics figured out, they’ll do what is called a preliminary cost assessment. This is to make sure your budget works with what the architect has planned to build. If it’s over budget, they can work with you to find cheaper options or change some things in the design. After this, your architect will seek a written approval from you on the planning layout and concept to make sure it fits with what you’re wanting to accomplish. They’ll also at the same time seek approval from the planning department to ensure your project aligns with current building codes. After this has been approved by both you and the city, your architect can enter what is called the working drawing phase where they will be able to start choosing finishes for the interior and exterior of your project and develop the design more.

If you have any questions during any of the phases of your project, be sure to talk with your architect. They can help you better understand what is going on so you’re not left in the dark.