Aesthetics of a Front Door

 The front doors of our homes are typically one of the first things our guests or callers see. Of course we want them to look charming but too often we put too much emphasis on transforming them to “this” or “that” that we hide their natural beauty and simplicity. Don’t be mistaken, there is nothing wrong with touching up your front door. We do want them to have appeal, don’t we?

       Simplicity is something that is unfortunately becoming lost in our culture. Too many people are getting caught up in the idea that we should have more. This applies to our homes as well. We embellish our doors with signs, fancy hardware. We miss out on the simple beauty and natural curves of the wood. Think back to the older days. They had simple, strong wood doors. You could see the marks nature had left in the wood. I hope you will be inspired to seek out ways to simplify your front door!


      There are many ways to simplify your front door and still make a statement with it. Consider removing fancy hardware and replacing it with simple iron pieces. A great way to make wood stand out is to polish it up. Follow this step by step guide on how to refinish your door:



    Refocus your vision on making your front door a simple, beautiful statement and bring back that rustic American feel.