What Are The First Steps When Adding Onto A Home?

Every project has a starting point. And most architectural projects start the same way. But what are the first steps to get a home addition on your property started?

First Steps To Add Onto A Home


  The very first step is to choose and meet with an architect. In the beginning of a project you will have several meetings with an architect so that they can collect information about your property and your wants. After the architect has a good idea of what is wanted, they will check the perimeters of the property itself, look into setbacks, and lot coverage. All this information comes from the planning department. Your architect will also take a look at your existing property and look at what is called as-builts dimensions. These will be used to come up with an accurate site plan. The site plan is then used to identify where the addition is going and what your homes square footage is going to be when you’re finished. Getting all the requirements together for the planning department are part of the first steps. Once all the requirements have been met and the plans are approved then an architect will start work on working drawings, structural engineering, title 24 calculations, energy requirements, and green building requirements.


   In your first meetings with your architect, it is helpful to communicate all that you are hoping to achieve with the project. Come up with a list of some things that you are wanting to incorporate into the design or any types of materials or finishes you’d like to use. It doesn’t have to be a super detailed list. This will help you architect get a better understanding of what you want.

Architectural projects have many steps that get the project to the finish line. Once you find and choose an architect and get the first steps started, your architect will be able to help you through the rest of the steps of the project.