A Love For Vintage & Lakes – Vintage Lake Cabins

   Cabins by the lakeside bring to mind peaceful days sitting on the porch, having fun on the lake, and enjoying the beauty of the mountains. Throw in some vintage flare and you’ve got yourself the perfect place to relax!


    We love the look of vintage inspired home design paired with the rustic-ness of a cabin. When done right, the two styles go together so well. In this blog post we put together some tips to help you achieve that vintage lake cabin look for your cabin.


    Let’s start with the exterior. Halved logs varnished for a dark brown color are used as siding for the cabin. This is a very traditional vintage look. However, you can also use board & batten, tongue & groove, shingles, and others for siding (some of these are also used on the interior of the cabin). Typical exterior paint colors include, butter yellow, cream, and moss green.

Images found on www.beeyoutifullife.com &  www.newengland.com


    Get that porch ready for sitting on! A comfortable porch to sit on is an essential part of a lakeside cabin. Find good, sturdy furniture that can withstand the weather. Screened porches are great to be able enjoy your porch during all the different seasons.

Images found on www.fabyoubliss.com & www.mariakillam.com


    Heading inside, use rustic wood floors to give the cabin that overall homey feel. Reclaimed wood floors are a great way to reuse wood and they give the space a unique touch. Rugs help define spaces such as, the living room from the kitchen, etc. Look for tribal print and wool rugs to add color and comfort.

Images found on www.recuperando.com &  www.wetpaint.tumblr.com


     Vintage cabin furniture is made out of a lot of natural materials such as, wood, bamboo, wicker, and metal. These materials are easy to fix up and repaint. For cushions and couch covers, use wool, linen, and cotton for comfortability and softness. Make sure to keep snug patterned and striped camp blankets nearby for those chilly days.

Images found on www.oldhouseonline.com & Pinterest


     Vintage décor adds character and fun to a room. Look for lake themed pieces such as, oars, old canoes, lake signs, fish décor, etc. Mix and match colors and sizes to give the room a laid back and easy going feel.

Images found on www.countryliving.com,  homestylecorner.com, Pinterest, & www.smallholdingsfarm.com


   There are so many ways to create a unique space with vintage décor. We love the look and feel of vintage lake cabins. They’re fun, quirky, and a great place to relax. What do you think of them?